Michel Griffin - A Brief Biography

Michel Griffin as a babyI was born near Oxford, in England. I had a radiantly happy childhood, for which I will never forgive my parents. Why couldn't they saddle me with that miserable, angst-ridden youth which is the essential pre-requisite for the struggling artist?

Michel Griffin in Dark Glasses When I was seven, my parents, who had noticed that I enjoyed music, arranged for me to have piano lessons. I gave the lessons up after only 6 weeks - it made my brain ache to have to simultaneously do something different with each of my hands! When I was fourteen, I bought my first guitar, because I had noticed that girls were attracted to guitar players. Strangely, on the guitar, I had no problem doing different things simultaneously with each hand!

Michel Griffin I started playing regularly in folk-clubs and wine-bars, and inspired by artists like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, and Joni Mitchell, I started writing my own songs. After a spell performing weekly on BBC radio (where one of my songs was a Pick of the Week), I embarked upon a career which took me to Paris, New York and Switzerland.

Michel Griffin at Cahors Folk ClubI finally settled in France, arriving with the new century, and began work on 'The Still Centre', a collection of nocturnes for piano and orchestra. This album was soon followed by more CDs of songs. After renovating my rustic farmhouse, I resumed giving concerts.

I have made a number of appearances on radio in France - here is an interview on Radio Totem:

Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre at la BataliereIn 2008 I co-founded the Cahors Folk Club. I give concerts either solo, or in duet with the talented harmonica player Frenchie Dègre.

You can contact me direct by     email  or via    (+33) (0)6 86 06 85 83