8.30.p.m. Friday 25 March
Rock, Soul and Folk with Liz Wild - and Accordion waltzes with Jean-Pierre Dubois & Christian Bonnet

8.30.p.m. Friday 29 April
Pop, soul and lovesongs with the duo Mine de Rien

8.30.p.m. Wednesday 25 May
Jazz and pop with the duo So'Fa

8.30.p.m. Friday 24 June
Jazz and original songs from Klodio & Co

8.30.p.m. Wednesday 27 July
Sublime harmonies with Back and Forth

8.30.p.m. Wednesday 31 August
Country rock with the US star Martha Fields

8.30.p.m. Friday 30 September
Acoustic Blues with Paul Cowley

8.30.p.m. Friday 28 October
The Blues with Mister Tchang and Easy Money

8.30.p.m. Friday 25 November
Classical guitar-playing from Duo Bensa-Cardinot

Please reserve your places via email to FolkClubCahors@gmail.com or by phoning 06 86 06 85 83.

Concerts take place in the mediaeval castle in Labastide Marnhac. Here is a map

Doors open at 8.00 p.m. Concerts start PROMPTLY at 8.30 p.m.

Seats cost just 10 €.

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