8.30.p.m. Wednesday 3 April
 Blues & Soul with Claire Aberlenc

8.30.p.m. Friday 26 April
 Flamboyant gypsy music with Baldango

8.30.p.m. Friday 31 May
 Chanson Fran├žaise with Didier Gallien

8.30.p.m. Wednesday 26 June
 Jazz Manouche with Tchiki Swing

8.30.p.m. Wednesday 31 July
 progressive blues with Claude Bourbon

8.30.p.m. Wednesday 28 August
 original songs with Angie Palmer

8.30.p.m. Friday 27 September
 Jazz/Blues with Bootsy le Cat

8.30.p.m. Friday 25 October
 Haunting melodies with Buck Vertigo

8.30.p.m. Friday 29 November
 Zany songs with Fred Batista

Please reserve your places via email to FolkClubCahors@gmail.com or by phoning 06 86 06 85 83.

Concerts normally take place in the mediaeval castle in Labastide Marnhac. Here is a map

Doors open at 8.00 p.m. Concerts start PROMPTLY at 8.30 p.m.

Seats cost just 10 €.