| July 2021 | The Annual Latitude Concert
La Dépêche published its regular article on the concert for Latitude.
| November 2019 | Number 1 !!
My collection of Leonard Cohen songs - Dance Me To The End Of Love - came out on November 28th and - I am delighted to report - immediately rose to number three on the US Amazon Folk Hot New Releases chart and to number ONE on the equivalent chart in France, where it stayed in the top three for over a week, and the top twenty for over two months.
| August 2019 | Concert at St. Martin Labouval
For the 17th year running, on Monday August 12, at 9:15 p.m., in the courtyard of the old village school, Michel Griffin came with his musical friends to stage a beautiful musical evening for the Latitude association, the Friends of Barbara Phillips. He played and sang a varied repertoire, ranging from Bob Dylan to Jacques Brel, via Summertime and Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes). At his side as ever was his faithful accompanist "Frenchie" Dègre on the harmonica, an instrument from which he coaxed soft and subtle harmonies. Michel also played, for the first time in Saint-Martin, with Michel "Coco" Correch on double bass and Claude Préchac on guitar. Following Latitude's usual program for guitar evenings, both played several songs together beforehand. Also in the first part, an excellent amateur guitarist performed two magnificent pieces, one by Agustín Barrios, the Paraguayan composer and guitarist, and the Chaconne by Jean-Sebastien Bach. After the traditional interval drink, a varied and lively "jam" brought together the first four musicians. The audience, numerous despite the cool temperature, were enthusiastic in their appreciation of this concert placed under the sign of talent and loyal friendship, which included well-known and up-tempo tunes. Fans can find Michel Griffin on the last Friday of August at the Cahors folk club, in the Château de Labastide-Marnhac.  - La Dépêche du Midi
| July 2019 | Music first!
Saturday, June 29, local boy Pascal Couderc, along with some very beautiful voices, presented - at the municipal council's invitation - a great musical show entitled The voices of the Tirelire (the name of the river that runs through Frayssinet). The show was a veritable vocal melting pot, mixing classical (Brahms, Mozart Fauré & Rossini), American country with the well-known Michel Griffin and Frenchie Dègre on the harmonica, with contemporary (Brassens, Mouloudji & Ferrat), the whole presented by Michel Hocquet (an unconditional fan of Jacques Brel) and superbly performed by a dozen artists (whom we cannot all name here and they forgive us), accompanied on piano by the talented Anne-Lise Labusquière and by Sophie Heduy's light-fingered flute.

A two-hour show that ended with Anton Guadagno's sparkling Funiculi, Funicula. A two hour concert that brought a breath of fresh air into the suffocating heat of this early summer. The show was dedicated to Jean-Louis Crassac and Pierre Harize.  - La Dépêche du Midi
| August 2018 | A Musical Evening under the banner of talent and friendship
Monday, August 20 at 9:15 pm in La Salle Rouge of the village [St. Martin Labouval], for the sixteenth consecutive year, the singer and guitarist Michel Griffin, a great friend of Barbara Phillips, initiator of the association Latitude, organised and compered a meeting of musicians.

His loyalty as a friend gave rise to a wonderful evening, during which the guitarist used his talent and aura to charm a room conquered by the diversity and quality of the tunes played.

Michel Griffin knows how to bring his musician friends into the limelight and give each one's talent its due, a skill sufficiently rare as to merit underlining. A first part allowed each artist to present two pieces of music, played on the guitar, or even the harmonica - as did Frenchie - or sung sometimes a cappella.

After a break and a drink, the audience were delighted by a marvellous jam-session.

A little reminder: during the year, Michel Griffin gives concerts at Cahors Folk Club, in Labastide-Marnhac Castle.  - La Dépêche du Midi
| August 2017 | Michel Griffin's band were a big hit
Last Friday at 9:15 pm, a few dozen people had braved the autumn temperatures to listen, in La Salle Rouge, to Michel Griffin and his friends. When the twelve strokes of midnight struck, the enthusiastic audience was 50 percent bigger. The various groups' performances and improvisations and then the jam-session, had enchanted the listeners and attracted passers-by. Folk, blues, rock and Brazilian songs were on the program of this guitar-evening, the 15th organized by Latitude.

Guitarist and singer Michel Griffin brought together professionals and amateurs of quality: Frenchie, the customary harmonicist, the singer Anne-Em ', Jean-Paul Piquard and his exceptional 15 year old pupil Clément Calles, from Assier, and François Lagarrigue of Tour-de-Faure. A wonderful evening, with a warm, convivial atmosphere, unanimously appreciated.  - La Dépêche du Midi
| July 2017 | Michel Griffin in Concert
"On Sunday, July 9, as he did in 2013, the guitarist, singer and composer Michel Griffin faithfully returned at the invitation of the association «Les amis de Saint Georges», to present us his music, a mixture of folk and blues delivered with humour and passion. For over an hour, he plunged us (or introduced some) into the atmosphere of the late 60s. He interspersed songs from Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Sandy Denny with his own compositions, sharing his emotions with us along the way. He ended his concert with Edith Piaf's «La vie en rose», to rapturous applause from the audience."- La Dépêche du Midi.
| July 2017 | Cahors Concert
Frenchie and I gave our annual concert in La Place de La Libération in Cahors on 27th July. It was a great evening, with the terraces of both the Café Velvet and Les Mets Saisons full to bursting. People pushed back their tables to get up and dance, and we ended up playing four encores. Soledad even made a guest appearance! My thanks to Puk Nikolajsen and Laurence Canto for these photos which evoke something of the atmosphere.
La Dépêche ran this article a day or so before the concert:

" He has been hailed as «the new Leonard Cohen», an artist who «combines the dexterity of James Taylor’s guitar work with the genius of Bob Dylan’s poetry».

Michel Griffin bought his first guitar at 14 because he noticed girls liked guitar players. Like last year, he’ll be giving a concert in the Place de la Libération during the evening of 27th July. Self-taught, and under the influence of songwriters like Dylan, Cohen, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell, he began to write songs that told stories ...

He’s been writing songs ever since. He has performed regularly on BBC radio and his career has taken him all over the world. He settled in the Lot in 2000, and has been organising the Cahors Folk Club since 2008.

You can eat during the concert at the Café Velvet and Mets Saisons from 7.30 p.m. (reservations recommended). "- La Dépêche du Midi.
| July 2017 | Great review from The Big Takeover
"Born in Oxford, England, this well-traveled, tender-voiced troubadour’s early UK folk club/wine bar gigs and weekly BBC radio appearances led to him relocating to Paris, New York, and Switzerland. He finally settled down in Southwest France’s Lot Valley in 2000, where he co-founded the Cahors Folk Club in 2008 with fellow folk guitarist Mark Newman. (Located in a medieval castle in Labastide-Marnhac, Griffin regularly performs solo shows there, as well as duets with singers Anne-Em’ (Anne-Emmanuelle Marie) and Soledad (Sophie Celdran), and harmonica player Marcel ‘Frenchie’ Dègre.) Feel is his seventh album going back to 2004’s piano nocturne collection The Still Centre; on it, he expands upon the theme of his last three covers-speckled albums - 2008’s Who Knows Where the Time Goes?, and 2013’s Atlantic Avenue and live Ballads & Blues - by re-imagining 14 love songs from his ‘early hero’ Bob Dylan’s copious catalogue . Though his easygoing and elegant, English-accented croon doesn’t sound much like Dylan, he does resemble his other childhood hero Leonard Cohen (with hints of Nick Garrie and The Saints’ Ed Kuepper), especially on the stripped-down, ‘Suzanne’-like waltz ‘To Ramona,’ from 1964’s Another Side of Bob Dylan.

Still, Griffin manages to capture Dylan’s spirit and personality, and more generally the feeling of the 1960s folk music scene, through his elegiac, romantic delivery and dexterous acoustic guitar picking. On simply rendered, romantically craving ruminations like ‘Girl from the North Country’ (from 1963’s The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, later re-recorded with Johnny Cash for 1969’s Nashville Skyline), ‘Tomorrow is a Long Time’ (which Dylan first recorded live in 1963 at NYC’s still-going Town Hall, later released on 1971’s Greatest Hits Vol. II), and ‘One Too Many Mornings’ (from 1964’s The Times They Are A-Changin’; Griffin says it was the ‘first Dylan song I absolutely fell in love with’), you can almost imagine yourself sitting enraptured around the stage with your bohemian buddies in some smoke-filled 1960s Greenwich Village saloon. And on two 1975 Blood on the Tracks beauties, the bucolic ‘Simple Twist of Fate’ and lightly-brushed ‘If You See Her, Say Hello,’ and a slowed-down, serenading version of 1966 Blonde on Blonde’s ‘I Want You,’ his arrangements are delicate and dreamy, and his voice amorous and affecting. Even Dylan’s maudlin, gruffly-sung 1997 Time Out of Mind ballad ‘Make You Feel My Love’ sounds calming and candlelit under Griffin’s caressing touch.

As on ‘Make You Feel,’ Belgian Alexis Van Eekhout’s jazzy tenor sax adorns the stretched out, searching 1978 Street-Legal soliloquy ‘Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat)’ (which also showcases the soulful backing vocals of Anne-Em’) and the punchier, playful 1965 Bringing It All Back Home paean (written as a portrait of Dylan’s future wife, Sara Lownds) ‘Love Minus Zero/No Limit.’ Meanwhile, the LP’s two final tunes, both from Freewheelin’. - a live rendition of ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright ’ (recorded in 2010 at the Cahors Folk Club in front of a coughing crowd) and Dylan’s adaptation of a traditional country blues song (first recorded in 1928 by Mississippi bluesman Bo Carter), ‘Corrina, Corrina’ - are enhanced by Dègre’s twangy harmonica. Whether you’re a die-hard Dylan devotee or a toe-dipping dabbler, you’ll cherish this chance to rediscover the legend’s sentimental side.

Download the album on iTunes or Amazon."- The Big Takeover.

| May 2017 | Michel Griffin and Frenchie Dègre at the castle
"Michel Griffin and Frenchie Dègre will be topping the bill at the next concert in Labastide-Marnhac castle given by the Cahors Folk Club next Friday, 26th May at 8.30 p.m..

Frenchie, alias Marcel Dègre, began joining in on the harmonica as one of the audience, and ended up joining Michel Griffin on stage. «I love playing with another musician» says Michel, «It’s musically stimulating. One can achieve so much richer a sound with two. Frenchie, who is self-taught, like me, has an ear for harmonies and counter-melodies like no one else I know. In addition he is super-attentive on stage, very intuitive." For this concert, the team of Michel & Frenchie will be alternating Michel's compositions with songs in French.

Also on the programme: composer-guitarist Jean-Paul Piquard, the duo Petit et Chantillon (Jean-Yves Besnard and Philippe Delsouc), the singer Soledad, the duo Tache de Lune (Didier Gaillien & Coco Correch) and Jacques Perié. "- La Dépêche du Midi.
| March 2017 | Cahors Folk Club returns to Labastide-Marnhac
"Michel Griffin and Soledad headline at the Château de Labastide-Marnhac for the Cahors Folk Club, which starts back up again this Friday, March 31, at 8:30 pm. Two artists reunited to revisit a repertoire of songs related to their origins - English for Michel and Spanish for Soledad - as well as some very beautiful French songs. An eclectic duo to say the least! When Michel Griffin co-founded the Cahors Folk Club in 2008, it was in the hope that it could provide a platform for unknown talent to find an audience. And when Soledad (Sophie Celdran) made her first appearance at the club in 2012, it was her very first appearance anywhere in front of an audience. That seems hard to credit now. "I was so nervous", she remembers, smiling, "that I knocked my song-sheet onto the floor, and had to scrabble around to pick it back up." With her striking and beautiful warm voice, her easy natural stage-presence and her ready smile she was an immediate success.

With the club’s warm encouragement, she quickly gained confidence, and now performs in Michel de Sarly’s orchestra as well as with Michel Griffin. Before that, she sang in a number of groups: with Daniel Prévoteau and in various Blues and Soul groups. Michel Griffin, for his part, runs the Folk Club as always, and gives concerts all over the place with the harmonicist "Frenchie" Dègre as well as with the jazz singer Anne-Em'. "I love playing with others. It stimulates me, and forces me to expand my repertoire, " he says. His latest album - a collection of Bob Dylan's love songs - was the number one album in the "Easy Listening" sales chart on Amazon in France during the first week of its release in mid-February." - Medialot

Similar articles appeared in La Dépêche and La Vie Querçynoise.

| February 2017 | Michel Griffin releases an album of Bob Dylan songs
" Established in the Lot for more than 15 years, the English musician and singer Michel Griffin released on February 11 a tribute album to Bob Dylan. Recorded in the United States and in France and available only in digital format, Feel my love : Michel Griffin Sings Bob Dylan’s Finest Lovesongs contains 14 carefully and delicately arranged love songs.
« Bob Dylan was an early hero. I discovered him when I was 14 when I started playing the guitar - because I had noticed that girls loved guitarists. He has remained with me ever since. I always felt an affinity for his love songs, and I was surprised to find that no one seemed to have devoted an album to them" says the self-taught musician.
For this album, he made his own arrangements, very different from the originals, but in a way that respects the lyrics and the melodies. "Several other musicians helped me: the Belgian saxophonist Alexis Van Eekhout with whom I collaborated via the Net, the English bassist Ron Gletherow who lives in the United States, Anne-Emmanuelle Marie (Anne-Em’) with whom I give concerts here in France who provided some vocal harmonies, and the harmonica player Marcel ‘Frenchie’ Dègre with whom I also play regularly." he continued. ..." - La Roulotte.

The album topped the Easy Listening album chart on Amazon.fr and rose to number 24 in the US.
| February 2017 | Michel Griffin’s new album
Photo"[Michel Griffin’s] beautifully produced 6th album is now available on iTunes - Feel my love : Michel Griffin Sings Bob Dylan’s Finest Lovesongs. 14 tracks, 51 minutes of pure joy.

Michel's voice - all velvet & smoke - brings new life to the familiar lyrics: from Simple Twist of Fate, via I Want You to Make You Feel My Love, which is arranged for three guitars and a saxophone and sung with such feeling it'll give you goosebumps." - Music-News.com
| February 2017 | Michel Griffin - Feel My Love:Bob Dylan’s Finest Lovesongs
Photo"Michel Griffin treats Bob Dylan’s vast body of work with the utmost of care on the tender Feel my love : Michel Griffin Sings Bob Dylan’s Finest Lovesongs.

With careful delicate arrangements, the songs positively shimmer and shine. Vocals serve front and center as they should, with Michel Griffin’s voice imbuing the songs with a sense of intimacy. The smallest details matter most from the use of saxophones to the finger-picking that adorns much of the album. ...

By far the highlight is the stripped-down style of Girl From The North Country. Michel Griffin shows off his impeccable mastery of the guitar in its quietest moments. ... Respectful of the originals while offering his own take on these true-blue American classics, Michel Griffin’s Feel my love : Michel Griffin Sings Bob Dylan’s Finest Lovesongs simply stuns." - Skope Magazine
| August 2016 | Michel Griffin's English ballads
Photo"« The Lot has long inspired me. I will now sing a song about an old stone house which is dear to me, it's called 'The Valley Time Forgot'. » Michel Griffin was in the Place de la Libération on Thursday, August 25, long after sunset, as hints of the night's gathering cool began to fall on the city.

He sings his ballads in the language of Shakespeare, but he communicates a lot with his audience. He talks about himself, speaking of a dear friend lost 45 years ago and for whom he composed a ballad that he then goes on to sing. He plays out his memories on the guitar. For this Thursday concert in the Place de la Libération, over a hundred people were attentively gathered around tables, where they could also revel in the blues amplified by Frenchie Dègre's discreet & efficient harmonica playing. The melancholy was palpable in the late summer evening, and the watching diners let themselves be carried away by Michel's gentleness and charisma, which received lengthy applause." - La Dépêche.

You can read the whole article here.
| August 2016 | 14th Annual Guitar Evening at Latoulzanie
Photo"On Wednesday, August 17, the hangar in La Toulzanie that used to be used for drying tobacco hosted for the 14th year Michel Griffin and his friends for an evening dedicated to the acoustic guitar. It was the second concert of the summer on the initiative of the association « Latitude, friends of Barbara » which organizes free weekly lectures and screenings. Michel Griffin, who runs the Cahors Folk Club, had gathered around him guitarists, a harmonica player and a singer, of all ages; one of them even brought along one of his most brilliant students, aged just 14." - La Dépêche.

From left to right: Clément Calles, Jean-Paul Piquard, Michel Griffin, Frenchie Dègre and Frédéric Daubié.
| August 2016 | Thursday - Michel Griffin's Blues
Photo"In the light of the success of the series of Thursday evening concerts in the Place de la Libération, two new dates have been added. Thursday, August 25 will feature the blues and ballads of Michel Griffin, with Frenchie Dègre on the harmonica. Under the influence of artists like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell, Michel began writing his own songs and performed in Paris, New York and Switzerland. In 2008 he worked with guitarist Mark Newman, with whom he co-founded the Cahors Folk Club. Based in France, Michel Griffin appears regularly in the Lot. You can eat onsite at Mets Saveurs and the Café Velvet." - La Dépêche.

You can read the whole article here.
| August 2016 | Michel Griffin's beautiful Summer
PhotoSome kind soul sent my monthly newsletter to the local paper ! - "Michel Griffin, an artist well-known locally for running the Cahors Folk Club, will be on the programme of four concerts in the Lot during the second fortnight of August : Wednesday 17th at 6.30 p.m.: The 14th Annual Guitar Evening at Latitude, Latoulzanie with Frenchie Dègre Jean-Paul Piquard & Frédéric Daubié, among others, Sunday 21st at 7.00 p.m. : Concert with Anne-Em ', Au Petit Creux, Place du Canal in Luzech (Reservations 06 72 37 12 17), Thursday 25th at 7.30 p.m. : Concert with Frenchie Dègre in La Place de la Libération in Cahors, Friday 26th at 8.30 p.m. at the Castle in Labastide Marnhac with The Brian Harpwood Trio. (Reservations: 06 86 06 85 83). " - La Dépêche.

You can read the whole article here.
| April 2016 | Ballads and blues on the causse
Photo"This Saturday, April 9, at 8:30 pm in the village hall, the association "Living in Belaye" is putting on a show of "Ballads and Blues". Entry € 10 (€ 8 for members), reservations on 05 65 21 35 65. This show will comprise songs written and performed by Michel Griffin. An artist well known and appreciated in the Lot, where he settled in 2000, he has had an international career punctuated by periods in Paris, New York and Switzerland. He hosts the Cahors Folk Club and has been hailed as "an artist who combines the dexterity of James Taylor's guitar work with the genius of Bob Dylan's poetry". After buying his first guitar at the age of 14 (because he noticed that girls liked guitar-players), he writes songs that tell stories, mixing folk and blues, with humour and passion. He plays in duet with the talented harmonica player Marcel "Frenchie" Dégre [sic]. " - La Dépêche.

You can read the whole article here.
| May 2015 | Michel Griffin in Concert in Cahors
Photo"Michel Griffin bought his first guitar at the age of 14 and began his musical career five years later on BBC radio where one of his songs was named 'Pick of the Week'. Some of his music was used in the soundtrack of the film 'American Married Men' and he has also recorded five CDs.

Established in the Lot since 2000, he hosts the Cahors Folk Club which organizes monthly concerts in the castle at Labastide-Marnhac.

The artist performs at venues all over the area. Since 2011 he has played in duo with the talented harmonicist Frenchie Dègre and has begun giving concerts accompanied by the crystalline voice of Annem. " - La Dépêche.

You can read the whole article here.
| April 2014 | Cahors Folk Club celebrates its 6th anniversary !
Photo" Cahors Folk Club celebrated its 6th anniversary on Friday 25th April at the castle in Labastide-Marnhac, with savoury bread, cake and style. " - La Dépêche.

You can read the whole article here

Pictured blowing out the candles on Diane's beautifully arranged and delicious cakes are (from left to right) Coco Correch, Michel Griffin, Didier Gaillien, Sophie Celdran, Frenchie Dègre & Daniel Prévoteau.
| October 2013 | Atlantic Avenue now online !
PhotoMy latest CD - Atlantic Avenue - 14 tracks, 9 originals and 5 covers, is now available for online download and purchase. You can browse the whole album here.

Buy Atlantic Avenue on  iTunes or on .
" Michel Griffin's new album is both electric as well as soothing. He is a poet's poet of our time. " - Frank A. Dicker Snr. on iTunes.

| July 2013 | Ballads & Blues now online !
PhotoMy live CD - Ballads & Blues - 22 tracks, all recorded live, in concert, is now available for online download and purchase. You can browse the whole album here.

Buy Ballads & Blues on  iTunes or on .
" ... beautiful voice, emotive singing, fine guitar-work. " - iTunes.

| August 2013 | Michel Griffin in concert at the château
Photo" Michel Griffin, jazzy poet, began his career on BBC radio in England. His songs combine romance with humour and joie de vivre. " - La Dépêche

Click here for the full article.

| July 2013 | Michel Griffin in concert at Lamothe-Cassel
PhotoLa Dépêche had this to say about the concert: " An elixir of youth applauded by an audience completely won over from the opening chords on the guitar. In the second half, the crystal-clear voice of Anne-Emmanuelle Marie ..."

Click here for the full article.



| July 2011 | Concert in Puy l'Eveque
Photo" 20th July 2011: On the banks of the Lot, on the terrace of the café-restaurant " la Batelière " in Puy-l'Evêque, two musicians gave a fabulous concert to an appreciative set of diners. The duo were singer-songwriter Michel Griffin, who has lived in St. Géry for 11 years, and his accompanist, Marcel " Frenchie " Dègre, a talented harmonica-player. Their repertoire consists of ballads and blues - predominantly in English. They give concerts throughout the Lot Valley, and can be found faithfully every last Friday in the month, in the Cahors Folk Club in the Carré d'Art art gallery in rue Pélegry, Cahors. Site : www.michelgriffin.com. "   - La Dépêche

| July 2011 | Good press for the Bumets
Photo" Un spectacle musical de rare qualité " is what La Dépêche had to say about the Bumets' concert in Vers on 9th July. You can read the whole article here.

Patrick Saradeil, the new proprietor of the restaurant On Passe à Table in St. Géry, has already introduced a number of innovations. With the help of two local musicians, Michel Griffin, who runs the Cahors Folk Club, and Allison Marriot, he has now launched a series of Open Mic sessions at the restaurant, and is in the process of establishing a programme of Tapas Concerts for the Summer. The Open Mic sessions take place on the second Thursday of each month at the restaurant, which is in the centre of St. Géry, on the D662 between Cahors and Cajarc. Already recruited for the Tapas Concert series: the WoodsLot duo, who ran a Karaoke evening on June 4th, Booby Traps on June 25th, the Beans Blues Band on 2nd July, the Claire Aberlenc Trio, on 30th July, Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre on 6th August, and Rag Mama Rag on 27th August. On the menu will be Spanish specialities, tapas such as fried squid and Accras de Morue, and the musical fare promises to be quite as tasty as the food. Not to be missed !

For more information, contact Michel Griffin via his site www.MichelGriffin.com or Patrick Saradeil on 05 65 31 43 73.
| February 2010 | The 'SOS Haiti' concert
PhotoThere's not much about the music in this review in La Dépêche of the benefit concert for Haiti, which Mark Newman & I ended up opening on 9th February 2010. But, if you were there, you might recognise yourself in the photo accompanying the article ! More than 700 people turned up in a blizzard, to see Mark Newman and myself, Rag Mama Rag, Francesca Graziano & Limmie Snell, the Toubib Jazz Band, Judy Blair Quartet and Gary Brooker (Founder of Procol Harum) - and a good time was had by all.

Most importantly, the concert raised more than 10,000 € [$14,000] for the orphans of Haiti.

A much fuller review appeared in the 18th February edition of La Vie Quercynoise, where Jean-Louis Crassac had this to say about us:

" Marc [sic] Newman et Michel Griffin, qu'on a eu le plaisir de découvrir au Carré d'Art, avaient pour redoutable mission d'ouvrir le bal. Deux chanteurs guitaristes rappelant sans servilité le duo Simon and Garfunkel, avec en plus la touche d'humour toujours maniée avec délicatesse par ces deux Britanniques terriblement quercynois."

There's a full review of the concert on the 'French Entrée' website, and there's also now a YouTube channel devoted to clips from the concert.

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