" An elixir of youth applauded by an audience completely won over from the very first chords on the guitar."   - La Dépêche

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  Route 66 
  San Francisco Bay Blues 
  Chanson des Vieux Amants 
  Nobody Knows You 
  Deep River Blues 
  Strangers Once Again 
  Perfumed Letter Blues 

Baby Bio

Hailed as an artist who "combines the dexterity of James Taylor's guitar with the genius of Bob Dylan's poetry", Michel Griffin - [en]chanteur franglais - bought his first guitar at the age of 14. He began his career on BBC radio as a student and since then - with "his beautiful deep, soft warm voice" [Le Petit Journal] - has performed all over the world, with periods in Paris, New York and Switzerland.

Lotois since the year 2000, in 2008 he co-founded the Cahors Folk Club, which he still runs. This is where his collaboration with Marcel "Frenchie" Dègre began, when Frenchie - at that time just a member of the audience - started to accompany him on the harmonica from his front row seat. For ten years now this duo has been giving concerts of festive music throughout the region. Their talent is to elicit an emotional response from their listeners, whether it be goosebumps or peals of laughter.

A concert by Michel & Frenchie is always a celebration - an ode to life.


Michel Griffin's English ballads
"«The Lot has long inspired me. I will now sing a song about an old stone house which is dear to me, it's called 'The Valley Time Forgot'. » Michel Griffin was in the Place de la Libération on Thursday, August 25, long after sunset, as hints of the night's gathering cool began to fall on the city.

He sings his ballads in the language of Shakespeare, but he communicates a lot with his audience. He talks about himself, speaking of a dear friend lost 45 years ago and for whom he composed a ballad that he then goes on to sing. He plays out his memories on the guitar. For this Thursday concert in the Place de la Libération, over a hundred people were attentively gathered around tables, where they could also revel in the blues amplified by Frenchie Dègre's discreet & efficient harmonica playing. The melancholy was palpable in the late summer evening, and the watching diners let themselves be carried away by Michel's gentleness and charisma, which received lengthy applause." - La Dépêche.

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