Monday 2 March 2015
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Cahors Folk-Club has its own YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe - which would enable you to comment, rate and elect to be informed when a new video is added .

New Location (May 2012)

The folk-club moved in May 2012 to the château de Labastide Marnhac, and now takes place on the last Friday of each month. There is a schedule of forthcoming concerts on the Concerts page. My thanks to David Gabella for his enthusiasm, his dedication, and all his hard work on behalf of the club over the four years that he hosted us at the Carré d'Art.

Michel Griffin & Mark Newman in action at the Cahors Folk Club                                            Photo: Mo Newman

Cahors Folk Club in the news (December 2009)

Unbeknownst to me or Mark Newman, there was evidently a journalist covering the November 2009 session of the Cahors Folk Club, because the following Saturday, this article appeared in La Depêche, underneath a photo [left] of us jamming with Michel 'Coco' Correch (double-bass) and Marcel 'Frenchie' Dègre (harmonica).

I'm the one with the hat !

Here's looking at you ! (Photos of the Cahors Folk Club - April 2009)

Le Petit Journal (10 December 2008) [By Geneviève Marty]

Every kind of Art is represented at David Gabella's convivial gallery in rue Pélegry. On the evening of 26th November, the space was dedicated to folk music, with keen English guitarists Mark Newman and Michel Griffin, and their singer and musician friends. There was a sellout crowd - an informed audience, some French, some English.

The evening went like clockwork. In fact, since last March, this group of musicians has got together in the delightful tea room gallery once a month. Presented with flair and humor, some with improvised double-bass or harmonica accompaniment, performers follow one another on stage with a series of songs in French or English - some sufficiently well-known that the audience joins in.

Michel Griffin, jazzy poet, by turns clown or romantic, presents his own songs in a charming mid-Atlantic French accent and with his beautiful deep, soft warm voice. Already known on British (BBC) radio, he arrived in France in 2000 'with the new millenium' and has recorded four CDs.